Herbarium Tincturae is a new collection of fabrics based on sustainability and ethics.

Herbarium Tincturae is a true philosophy of life and a radical change from the ordinary industrial approach. Organic fabrics are wisely dyed with an old decoction technique and, to reduce the waste, only non-edible parts are used.

Color from the inedible part of the plant to the fabric

Rare and valuable dyes are extracted from plants, flowers and roots, usually used in medical field, to give life to colors special. A selection of the best plants with an eye to sustainability.

Every single step is carried out with the utmost respect for nature in total absence of artificial chemicals. The colors obtained are the crystalline mirror of all this and have authentic shades, rich, delicate and completely natural. From these colored organic powders we then move on to the dyeing phase.

The noble linen and cotton fibers are dyed from natural colored powders, ready to be transformed into clothes.

Now select one of the herbs below and look at the colors of the fabrics.

Also… we are now pleased to introduce Orange fiber, the first fabric from oranges.

In collaboration with the innovative company Orange Fiber, we present a new way to color our fiber. Silky, shiny, precious, innovative, sustainable and Made in Italy.

Herbarium Tincturae: the right choice for a better and greener world.

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Certifications & more

Click on the certifications to discover each of them in detail.

Interested in Herbarium Tincturae collection? Contact us to find out more, order the samples or buy it.

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